Friday, December 7, 2012

Strike Day 1

I haven't told my daughter that I'm on strike, so unless she reads this blog, she won't know.

Day 1 was yesterday.

I left for work early, so didn't get involved in the usual morning pandemonium. I hadn't ironed her school uniform, so was pleased to see her ironing it as I left. Brownie point #1.

As far as I'm aware, she got to the school bus and then to school without causing anybody else any stress. Brownie point #2.

I left work a little later than I planned, so I was worried that I'd be late home. I got a call from my daughter as I was driving home (car has built-in, voice-activated hands-free, so taking the call required no more effort than pressing a button on the steering column). Could she go round her friend's house? I said yes. It was on her way home and meant I didn't need to worry about being late. I added that I'd pick her up when I got there. She wanted to stay longer, but didn't argue. Brownie point #3.

When we got home, I reminded her to do her homework, get her bag ready for school the next day, and have a shower. I wanted her to have a shower before 10pm. I didn't need to ask again. These all got done by the deadline I'd set. Brownie points #4, #5 and #6.

So yesterday was not a good day. It was an excellent day, and I'm happy.

This is why today I'm willing to pick her and her boyfriend up after school so that they can hang out for a few hours until his mum comes to pick him up.

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